Cavalier Only Boarding

Our mission statement: To provide a specialized breed specific care facility. Additionally, to allow cavaliers to be boarded within familiar home suroundings free of common allergens. Our care provides them with a home away from home from puppyhood to seniors. A no stress enviromment that was designed and developed for our own Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Our home is quiet, secure, chemical free, no carpet, no grass, dog oriented and clean. We specialize in Cavalier training, breeding and knowing the breeds health care and temperment types thereby allowing adjustment to new situations. Our 24 hour around the clock care in a relaxed atmosphere reduces the amount of seperation anxiety so your cavalier can play snooze, train, socialize with our own cavalier family and be cute while there cavalier owners take a worry free vacation.

We are available for all holidays , weekly boarding, long term boarding, portraits and grooming.

For the benefit of other owners please be conscientious of your dates and any date changes as we are in heavy demand and book by reservation ONLY!

Thank you for choosing Camp Cavalier for your own Cavaliers needs.

Reservation deposits are required.

Deposits are not refundable


You can request a contract by email, or If you have questions please do contact us we are a happy to hear from you.


Happy Boarding Clients Say:

Missy gets so exited as we turn off the freeway to go to your house. She made a best friend by the name of Hope while boarding for two weeks . She practicallly drags us to the door. We schedule our flights after we make sure we can fit in another Missy visit !


WestLake Village,CA



Pebbles loves her home away from home. She knows she will have fun when I leave her at Camp Cavalier so I can visit my new grandchidren. I love the daily email s that keep me updated on her visit.


Santa Barbara,CA



We appreciate that we can arrange to drop off and pick up our cavaliers to match the driving time according to our flight arrivals.

Lady and Rusty

Padific Palisades, CA



We drove from Nevada to board at Camp Cavalier as there is no other place that has someone on duty 24 hours a day. The boys loved playing where they are safe and secure.

Ben and Charlie

Henderson, Nevada


We went to Italy for a month but wanted to adopt two Wyndcrest cavalier puppies . We first set up our boarding needs before the adoption and then we had our trip of a lifetime and two puppies too . They were potty trained and socialized for us when we came back and we did not even request it. Wonderful to know we can go on holiday and our cavaliers are well taken care of. Thank you.


Beverly HIlls, CA


I had surgery and needed a place to take both Wyndcrest Cavaliers, who referred me to Camp Cavalier and have been using their boarding and grooming plus have my giirls photographed for my Christmas cards every year. Wonderful after care service for me also.

Lily and Ginger

Santa Barbara, CA


I adopted a puppy from WestCourt Cavaliers and bring her back to be boarded when I go away. There is no set pick up or drop off time. I have my personal assitant drop her off and pick her up if I am not available.

Desiree and Lovey at play

Montecito California


We moved from Australia to Oxnard California before moving up to Colorado. Camp Cavalier assisted us from Australia in preparing the four cavaliers to be brought along and boarded them for the ten days. We arrived late and the dog smelly from the 14 hours in crates. They were groomed right away and spent there first evening clean and dry . We have become very good friends and recommend them highly.


Australia to Colorado


I just got my cavalier and have never been without her. I met the owner at the vets and came in for grooming and to see the site. Its wonderful . It was extremely hard for me to leave my cavalier but after meeting them and seeing where she would be it reduced my fear and my husband was actually happy that I found a place for her to go as I have not been away from her in two years.


Woodland Hills.Ca


We asked our breeder who she recommende to board Albert and she recommended Camp Cavalier to us. Not only do we bring in our Albert but my son brings his Henry to them as well.. Both boys were photographed there and Albert was a cover to BrownTrout Calendar 2004 and Henry appeared a year or two later. They also referred us to adopt another puppy. Lovely people.


Agoura , CA


We like to visit our time share in Hawaii . Annie has a crush on a male cavalier at Camp Cavalier. She is all to happy to visit and follow him around. Princess has her friends too so its home away from home.

Princess and Annie

Santa Barbara, CA


We have been bringing our Krystal to Camp Cavalier since she was a puppy. We take the chidren on vacations when school is out and need a pet sitter. Camp Cavalier has watched Krystal grow from a puppy to a senior and have taken care of her better than we do ourselves. She now requires medication around the clock and we know that she is getting it as she is in great condition when we pick her up. I have just adopted another cavalier king charles spaniel from resque with anxiety disorder and will be bringing her to them as they know how to deal with health situations.

Krystal and Bella

Agoura Hills. Ca


I adopted a little ruby girl from WestCourt Cavaliers after having gotten a male ruby from another breeder. We were boarding our male and fell in love with little Bree. They both are happy go lucky and free spirited which is cultivated both at home and at Camp Cavalier. We continue to reserve boarding dates for ourfamily vacation as there are many no pet allowed places on our trips.


Ventura, Ca


We had a funeral to attend out of the country . We made arrangements for the whelping of our litters with a friend but after the puppies were born she was called back to work. Camp Cavalier stepped up and took both mothers and 9 puppies raising them for us until we returned. They did a fantastic job with all the puppies and two went on to their championships.

Katie, Crystal and Puppies

Devore Heights

San Bernadino, CA

Thank you for visiting Camp Cavalier